About Us

Sheila Shine Corporation is the sole manufacturer of Sheila Shine brand stainless steel polish, the most effective and recognized stainless steel polish, cleaner and surface preservative available. For almost 50 years Sheila Shine is still the most asked for by name metal polish used by cleaning professionals, commercial buildings, institutions and homeowners. Founded in 1961 by Mr. William Wallach, Sheila Shine is located in Miami, Florida with the main production facility located adjacent to route I-395. James Wallach serves as CEO. David Wallach joined the team in 2009 and represents the second generation and serves as President.

Our Mission Statement:
We are committed to provide a quality product that satisfies our customers’ expectations the first time, every time. Our goal is to provide superior quality in accordance with our tradition of high manufacturing standards. We respond to our customers with cleaning solutions, which include residential, commercial and institutional settings.

Sheila Shine is carried by nationally recognized companies.

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